picture of Stuart Eydmann

Stuart Eydmann

Fife born musician and researcher. Photograph by George Birrell, Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh, c 1984.

“What a surprise… the Trumpet Hornpipe has been used by Scott at http://www.ithinkitsnice.com/ in a short animation:

Scott writes: A very short animation. It began as an experiment in 2.5D in After Effects but I liked it enough to bring it to some sort of resolution. A very short one mind.

Made with actual bits of cut-out paper which were re-coloured in Photoshop before composing in After Effects.’ “ Stuart Eydmann


  1. Bonawe Highlanders (march)

  2. Bonny at Morn

  3. Gaelic Hymn

  4. Harpenstance - Pibroch

  5. Harpenstance - Stromness, Sunrise

  6. In 1999

  7. l'Epopee Celtique (extract)

  8. Loop me

  9. Trumpet Hornpipe